Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Becoming a CTO.

Chief Technology Officer. That's what i had wanted to become for a long time.
Finally, have decided to pursue Technology in a form which will be of direct help to the Country.

Our objective is to adopt Clusters of Villages across the country, possibly BPL families in places without electricity and water, And research on existing models available across the world to bring about improvements in

1. Agriculture yields
2. Microfinance
3. Setting up small scale industry hubs
4. Education
5. Health

This is actually so simple. There are tonnes of literature on good work being done by Grameen like companies, and with detailed instructions as how they do it.

Having being in IT for 12 years, have seen closely how productivity and yields improve when people adapt best practices of ITIL/PMP/ISO etc.

Same way we can help these people to improve the farm yields and efficiency of small businesses.

Currently am undergoing a formal training from EDI-DSE (http://www.ediindia.org/doc/DSE.pdf), and will spend a year working on the theory part of various models. Then we will start experimenting and tuning the framework. This will be a long road with lots of experiments and learning's. But we are confident we will succeed as we have done in all the previous projects & Endeavours.

Enjoy Life...