Monday, January 17, 2011

One more perspective

Of late have been traveling a lot and meeting new people. Want to share some new perspectives gathered from some good people i met recently. And i feel there is a good amount of truth in it.

1. Humans are basically good, and want to be helpful. The systems around us make us feel incomplete, and induce a sense of competition & "Race to own the Limited Resources Mind set". This leads all of us to try to prove our worth, compete for limited resources. The fact is there is enough in the universe for each of us.

Have met so many people who are working selflessly for the development of Mankind, I can safely bet that there is more good happening than bad. Look around and you will see.
In fact i will run into couple of hundred pages, if i type the good stuff i have seen in past 7 months alone, and plan to setup a separate blog site for highlighting the same.

I am convinced that the Popular Media should highlight the good work happening in the world, instead of only highlighting Scams and Corruption.

2. Maybe what we are learning in Schools is not a Right/Complete perspective.
The Bees do not "give" us honey, the Cows do not "give" us Leather.

We Humans "Steal" & "Kill" to get these things. (and I know i am equally guilty to have generated a demand and market for these things).

Now these examples are only to get a point across, i m not saying we should ban these things. But moderation in consumption is a possible solution.

But look around, and see the exploitation happening of all Natural resources, Massive Mining, Tigers being killed, and you see the extreme

Basically, we should learn to respect Nature, and live in harmony.

When i used to work very late non stop for days, My Boss and Mentor (Mr. Sanjay Shah-Wipro), used to ask me sometimes, "Kahe ki Jaldi hai, Kahan Jana Hai ?". Means, why the hurry, where do you have to go ?

I couldn't get the meaning then, but i feel we need to slow down, appreciate the Journey, do a quality work than only accelerating towards some Goals.

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