Thursday, April 7, 2011

Why Millennium Development Goals….

In September 2000, world leaders at UN Headquarters adopted the UN Millennium Declaration to reduce extreme poverty. The time bound targets – with a deadline of 2015 – have become known as the Millennium Development Goals.

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Why are these Goals so important.
  • What goes around – Comes around. The more the low income people earn, the more will be their spending power, the more will the richer people earn eventually.
  • If People continue to remain selfish, and be self centered, the time is not far when the 4 Billion “Have-Not’s” declare an uprising, and ‘Take away’ from the “Have’s”. You cannot expect 60% of World Population to keep watching the TV’s, Malls, Media about the lifestyles of ‘Rich and Famous’ and not get frustrated at their inability to live a ‘Humane lifestyle’.
Universal Brotherhood.
  • All Religions ask us to do Charity. And wants people to promote peace and harmony.
  • All Spiritual books tell us to take care of other humans.
  • The underlying essence of religion is to make mankind love and care for each other
  • Yes. The latest Scientific discoveries are going to “Open the Eyes” of every one. It will happen sooner than later.
  • People who are tracking the CERN / LHC experiments / String Theory will understand better the meaning of ‘Universal Consciousness’ and ‘Universal Brotherhood’. (For beginners, this is one of the largest Experiments mankind has ever undertaken as a joint initiative. The scientists are trying to find the ‘God Particle’. All major countries are contributing towards this. So far the World has spent 15 Bn $ on the experiment (INR 75,000 Crores !!!)
  • Some Interesting Experiments in Particle Physics / Quantum gravity
Not yet convinced (Some friendly suggestions),
  • Watch the movie Matrix
  • Read ‘The Secret’ and try it for some time.
  • Read the book ‘Lost Symbol’.
  • Attend Vipassana Course
  • Read ‘Tao of Physics’
  • Read something on ‘String Theory’
  • My friends from Management can read “The Fifth Discipline”
  • Read Scriptures as ‘Dhamapada’, ‘Upanishads – Isavasya’, Bible, Samkhya & Yogasutras (I am not trying to promote any single religion here, so please don’t get me wrong or misquote me.)
  • Those not yet still convinced. ……God Still loves you…..
The Point i am trying to make is that soon Science will proclaim what the Scriptures have been telling us since ages, That the whole of universe is connected via a Supreme Consciousness (or you may call it the Super-String.)
Like a human body, each organ needs to perform and contribute to the welness of complete Being. All individuals are connected to each other and are part of common God.
So it makes sense that we help all the fellow beings, so that we ultimately help ‘Ourselves’.

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