Tuesday, May 24, 2011

From Technology to Tourism

The Story so far….Transition from Technology to Tourism….

All the limits are of the Mind…There are infact no limits……Author Unknown…

One year, has passed since the move from Technology to Social Sector. Currently am working with an organization called Grassroutes. These good people (Inir, John and Darren) are experimenting to improve the Tribal Livelihoods through Rural Tourism. One good aspect in this organization is that we consciously avoid using the terms as “Reducing/Eliminating Poverty”. The key mindset is to enable the trials to improve their livelihoods by their own efforts. We do not believe in Donating money to any one. The poor want enabling environment, and then they blossom of their own efforts.

This blog is for my friends who want to know how different it is changing the field from IT to Social sector.
For me personally, there has not been much of a change in the kind of work i have been doing..This seems bit contradictory…let me explain.

1. I am still involved with Technology. We still use Excel for Business Plans, What If Scenarios. PPT’s for Village Communities, Investors. Internet for Marketing (Facebook and Google Ads).
2. We still have processes. Checklists, Review meetings, Post project analysis.
3. We have pilots. We experiment with new tools/techniques and then evaluate the projects.
4. We have Goals. We carry “Sales Targets”.
5. I still have to use Laptop and Reply to Emails….
6. The concept of Customer and Sales remain same. “Our Organization has to create value for Guests”. Now “This” is one of the “most critical thing” i have learn’t here. No Matter what business you are in IT or Tourism or any other thing. If you don’t add significant Value for the Customer, you have no right to stay in the business.
7. Here too we have Stakeholders (Investors, Media, Village Committees and Guests). Need to constantly have review and feedback discussions, keep all stakeholders updated.
8. We have time bound projects. Each theme is a project by itself, and undergoes conception, brain storming, planning, checklists, execution and evaluation phase. Wow.. Even the words we use are same as we use in IT.
So to summarize, from the outside it seems that i have changed my field, but at the core, i am still continuing the same stuff i was doing in Wipro.

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